Craptions Classics March 16, 2008

I'm sorry Germany, Google Earth indicates there's a tumor in your Koln.


Other Craptions

"So it came back and said 'Can I have $3.50,' and that's when I realized it wasn't a building at all, but that God damned Lockness Monster!"


"Are you sure we need them?" "Dude, the architect insisted we get escape pods"


Scottland unveils the Omega Bagpipe, capable of making the entire world shift uncomfortably.


About to meet his friends "at the building across the street from the park", Paul realized they could have been more specific.


Even though hundreds had died when it had eaten its way through half the city, the giant mutant space slug won several architecture awards and was able to double its rental rates within a year.


"OH FUCKING COME the hell do we sell our house now?"


This is where they plugged Godzilla into the Matrix.


"And over here, the breakfast nook allows for a wonderful view of the city. Notice how the quaint little rows of houses contrast nicely with the GIANT BLUE KIDNEY."


Yeah there's a telephone both next to the building with the red roof. You can't miss it.


One of these is not like the others.


I'd go crazy too if I wore wooden shoes all day.


You can tell when the Science Museum is in heat when it rolls on its back and exposes its erect nipples.


God, while horrible hung over, just says "fuck it" and dumps his trash bag full of beer cans on downtown Surry.


Some architects are true visionaries... Some.

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