Craptions Classics March 15, 2008

Here we see a leprechaun shedding his winter hands. This unusual trait is what gave leprosy it's name.


Other Craptions

Even after the leprechaun used his invisablity trick, the lady in the pink coat kept him in a headlock till she saw her gold.


Planning to evade the police in the parade, Richard realized that by arriving too soon his costume was worthless.


Angry over not being included in the "Irish March", the leprechauns turned the whole parade invisible.


The lady in the pink coat prepares her elbows for the fight of their life.


In Washington, DC on October 16, 1995, A million men marched. Of this number included 3 leprechaun rights activists. 1 white gorrila, and sharron osbourne who seemed intent on ripping off her own hand as the leprechaun next to her had.


At 3'8", Mickey was easily the tallest leprechaun in the village.


They anxiously await a parade full of average looking people dressed in ordinary clothing.


Balarney O'Dunkahan was the first in a long line of genetically engineered Irish Governmental attempts to create a leprechaun that could dominate the NBA. Unfortunately, his hand fell off during the Olympic tryouts of 1976.


"breaker breaker this is 411 police officer on foot, i've got those goddamn leprechauns trying to get in the parade again, permission to act in the form of gunfire."


It was actually pretty reasonable that the midgets wouldn't allow them in the parade.


The leprechauns could not march until Betty found her camera battery. It had been seven years.


Sadly, the "Million Leprechaun March" was cancelled to make place for the seemingly less interesting "Single Pig March".


The unicorns thought they'd been clever by disguising themselves as leprechauns, but it turned out that leprechauns weren't allowed to march either.


The Notre Dame mascot wasn't actually very good in a fight, due to the enormous target his head presented.

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