Craptions Classics March 13, 2008

Don't get the Thames angry. You Won't like the Thames when it's angry.


Other Craptions

No one looked into the green river situation because it was St. Patrick's Day. God was kinda irritated no one noticed the beginning of the Apocolypse, but he shoulda looked at a calendar.


"God, I hope it gets cold enough to become Jello."


Not pictured: Rainier Wolfcastle screaming, "THE GOGGLES! THEY DO NOTHING!"


Relax, this is just a bit of Photoshop trickery. That guy's jacket is actually orange.


Being color blind, Bob could only stand at the water's edge and wonder why they dyed it gray once a year.


There will be a handful of entries that stubbornly ignore the obvious and make a joke about some background phenomenon. Well, there is nothing funny about the 3 people in the picture walking... so good luck fuckers


Very few came out to celebrate Pollution Day.


Eventually everyone came to terms with being a mutant turtle.


Upstream, the Jolly Green Giant unzipped his fly and muttered drunkenly "Veddy funny Mr. Gordon... make a spesha soup for you..."


But Brawndo has electrolytes!


John knew his girlfriend had always hated his collection of green Jolly Ranchers but never expected this.


The resident of New Jersey replied to the tourists, "What? Your water is BLUE? This I have to see."


The River Styx was much less foreboding and far more delicious than one would expect.


Three Mile Island wasn't a big d- Oh. Ha ha. That? No, that's just a trick of the light, really. A baby born with fins, you say? Um, no, that's just...a birthmark. Yes. A mole.

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