Craptions Classics March 31, 2006

Oh goodie, daddy brought home Chinese again!

Rat Boy

Other Craptions

At long last, the mail-order Asian eggs were ready to hatch. Tonight, Bosco would eat well.


"I can't decide. They all look the same to me."


Little Cheng was bored of the bears and wanted to go home. Besides, he'd just noticed he could download porn onto his mobile.


"Bring us a barrel of honey in the next 24 hours or all the hostages will be eaten."


The bear cubs weren't too sure about their mother's new eggs. In fact, they weren't even sure if bears laid eggs.


The bears were pleasantly surprised when they checked their human traps that morning.

Linux fan

They're no longer afraid of each other. Open the hatches and let the cross-breeding experiment begin.


And so after the first war against the bears, the humans were confined to the matrix.

Celestial Gold

Fuck me, what did I eat last night?

Tim H

As he mocked the bear from inside his protective bubble, the bear just smiled as he knew the oxygen would run out sooner or later!


Don't tap on the glass. you'll frighten them


So, just how many ricks does it take to get the center of a rootsie roll pop...


So this is where Asians come from..!


That's not how you play popomatic trouble...

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