Craptions Classics February 24, 2008

He realized the irony of suffering from erectile dysfunction while being made entirely of wood, and it only added to his frustration.


Other Craptions

Although pictured in a state of contentment here, Wooden Jesus would end his days nailed to a cross of human flesh.


Before becoming a ritualistic instrument of smoldering demise, the Wicker Man was an introspective youth who pondered the mysteries of the Universe.


Terry gets thrown out of the house after mom finds a stash of horticulture magazines under his bed.


The Amish version of 'Transformers'.


Before the plastic era, sex dolls were a little more primative


Although his friends were gung-ho, Brad didn't know if it was a good idea to attend Burning Man.


Since peace had been restored to Middle Earth, this Ent has often found himself bored.


"Woah, mom was right... I turned INTO pot!"


Give a hippie several miles of hemp and he'll make you a hemp-man... ask him to take out the trash, and you'll spend the next 4 hours being yelled at about why pot should be legalized


Man, the Entwives aren't nearly as hot as Treebeard said.


Kate Moss is finally up to a "healthy" weight!


A guy made out of wood?! How about a penis joke!


When Les woke up, the chick from last night was gone, and the way his cock looked and felt, he couldn't help wondering if she'd given him elm disease.

Ken Buddha

More proof that being a vegan is bad for you.

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