Craptions Classics February 15, 2008

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Many found it hard to feel sorry for a guy who could stand on his head while supporting a sign with his massive erection.


The dead hooker I planted finally took root.


Nevada had some issues with Schwarzenegger's policy of firing the homeless out of a canon.


Most people agreed, David Blain's "magic" stunts had really lost their edge.


Realizing he had mad a mistake in writing his sign in english, Jethro burst into an interperative dance.


Much like their cars, their technology, and their cartoons, Japanese panhandlers are far superior to their American counterparts.


"Don't give him your change! He claims he needs the money to travel, but in actuality you'd just be feeding his expensive velvet boot addiction."


"The malls are putting up their holiday decorations earlier and earlier every year." "Tell me about it! And every year they're less and less reflective of the the true meaning of christmas."


Who was going to read the sign when he had a tv strapped to his ass


Five Asians agree: Theres always that awkward hurt when you find your lover threw out your Valentine;s day gift.


If you walk up to a Japanese guy and tell him he's on a game show, you can make him do anything you want.


In my day, homeless people hitched rides. And sometimes killed people. But they did it for free, damnit!


Not pictured: Human Dignity.


Hmmm, these Asians do not impress easily.

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