Craptions Classics February 14, 2008

Even though she was tempted, Sarah decided to hold out for a man made of pure gold.


Other Craptions

Statue-atory rape


After six years of standing completely motionless in the same spot, Barney made his move.

Ken Buddha

The lion wanted courage, the scarecrow wanted a brain, but all the tin-man wanted was a blowjob from dorothy....


He earned a lot more money after changing his sign to "1 euro for me to stop touching you"


Following the exile of Silver Surfer, the series took a turn for the worse with the introduction of Silver Creepy Uncle.


Hnd jb...hnd jb...


My buddies said you could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, is that true? Because man do I have a job for you!


Come on baby, no shame in taking home the silver.


Prepare to be assimilated...BY THE FUNK!


...but other than that, the malls in Chernobyl are pretty much the same. Look, they've even got an Abercrombie.

Ryan Oskroba

"Listen bitch, I need a heart, and i ain't too choosy about where it comes from!"


I'm from the future, come with me if I want to live. See that guy in red over there, he's the Terminator. No really... Hey stop laughing bitch... I'll fucking cut you!


Jenny was not entirely comfortable with the mannerisms of the rare "silver douchebags." But then, she'd be damned if anyone was going to call her a racist.


Sure, it was harder to get away with sexually assaulting women in broad daylight whilst waring a fuck off silver coat and top hat, but Barry enjoyed the challenge.

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