Craptions Classics February 12, 2008

"Hey is that girl a ma.." "Shhhhhhh" I can totaly see his p.. "Shhhhhhh" Seriously I.. "Shhhh" But "Shh" I "Shh" ____ "Shh"


Other Craptions

Welcome to Bulgaria, where men are men and women are also sometimes men.

Ronan Gleeson

Despite his many critics, Tony was convinced "Peacocks with shecocks" would be the next "Girls gone Wild."


After all the hype, Blowjob Island turned out to be quite a letdown.


Leroy knew that his new mole implant made him look just like one of the girls... Now he just had to get rid of that spotlight hogging bitch Stephanie...


What happens in Des Moines stays in Des Moines.


When they told him there would be a free meal with a short presentation, Greg had expected a time share pitch. This, he was completely unprepared for.


"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?""Right now, I'm just happy that my girlfriend is a girl..."


The new season of "The Search For The Next Pussycat Doll" takes a turn for the worse...


Don't tell anyone but one of us isn't a man.


"Trust me. Even if I thought I could speak without spewing vomit everywhere, there is no way I'd tell ANYONE about this."


Dick, dick, dick, dick, goose.


Misunderstanding the use of the term "sexually ambiguous," Brody unwhittingly wandered into a situation that would take years of therapy and a bottle of penicilin to clear up.


This was going to be the most hilarious caption ever until it got censored by the League Of Shushing Transvestites.

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