Craptions Classics February 10, 2008

Despite trying his best to be incognito, even driving a car instead of flying, Magneto still wasn't too hard to find.


Other Craptions

Suddenly, simultaneously, the entire right lane realized they left the iron on.


Joey kept driving happily along, singing to the radio, not knowing that he the victim of the greatest Drive & Ditch prank ever.


Everyone turns back at the sign "This road for 13-inch dicks only". Pictured top right: I continue to drive on.


Alien assholes. First crop circles, now this.


It wasn't until the drive back from work that Bill saw the sign advertising free blowjobs from 7 till 4.


Bill sped away from the scene of the accident. His work here was done.

Ronan Gleeson

Fact 1: That little blue car is in fact driving towards them. Fact 2: Its driven by John McClane. Fact 3: This photo was the last one the helicopter pilot would ever take.


Not Pictured: Godzilla.


Mark's farts were getting really bad.


And all at once, the Garmins and Tom Toms became self-aware. And it turns out they're ass holes.


Only one car out of the thousands will fertilize the highway, while the others will be flushed out of its body.


Yes, she was that hot.


In communist Russia, traffic jams you!


Those asshole over at Improv Everywhere have really gone and done it now...

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