Craptions Classics February 07, 2008

Exactly one minute after the discovery of Blowjob Island.


Other Craptions

For some reason, no one ever stopped and said, "Maybe a gay reenactment of D-Day isn't such a great idea."

Ken Buddha

Not Pictured: Any black people whatsoever


When "W" ruled he would serve an uncontested third term, nobody was more shocked than Cuba's Department of Immigration


"I'm glad I brought my camcorder today." "Why?" "Because I also brought my lawn darts."


"I've gathered you all here because one of you is the murderer."


Rush hour in Venice.


Anybody seen my friend Steve? He's sitting in a boat, wearing bright colors...


Try and look PAST the'll see a magic 3d image


"OK, only one of us will carry the pound of heroin up their rectum. The Coast guard can't cavity search us all!" They were wrong.


"Oh my God, they rescued Gilligan!" "Bullshit." "He's in the little yellow boat, next to the gray one." "What the fuck."


OK People, listen up. We are looking for a tall & skinny white guy with glasses and a scarfe. I want groups of two, to pan out in delta formation. He answers to Waldo.


When water was invented, everyone wanted a piece of the action.


Those lured to Dubai to work on the latest man-made island project slowly realized their folly when they heard those last, fateful words: The Frame's in, now pour the concrete.

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