Craptions Classics February 05, 2008

Which is worse: Appearing to be sucking off a giant rat, or knowing that the rat's thinking of someone else while you're doing it?


Other Craptions

Its one fear? Tiny Elephants


"What kinda mileage you get?" "10 city, 6 maze." "Hmm...previous owner?" "Just an old lady that chased it around every Sunday."


There's just no escaping the fact: EuroDisney sucks...


Every New Yorker knows that if the giant rat emerges from the sewer, sees its shadow and proceeds to eats the nearest bystander, they're in for six more weeks of winter.


My GOD! What have you been feeding him!? Oh...nothing much. Cheese, rat pellets, uranium. Normal stuff...


I for one would like to welcome our new giant rat overlords.


Lester knew it was some sort of bizarre street scam, but he couldn't resist the challenge of finding the tiny penis on the giant rat.


Nothin' like the smell of rat balls in the morning.


Upon seeing that face in the window, Robbie was immediately filled with a murderous rage he never knew existed. It was him. The man who killed his entire family. It was the exterminator man.


"No man, I swear, I've got him. Just put your ear to his chest and you can hear his heartbeat. It's amazing! No, you got to get right in there. Closer... Closer... Now boy! Kill! KILL!!!"


Sovereign bank was known for giving loans to unqualified borrowers.


If there's a better way to store pudding, I'd like to hear it.


"I can't hold him for long! You gotta kick him in the nut sac!" But Harold's pants were so tight. So tight...


Roger Corman's "Cloverfieldmouse"

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