Craptions Classics February 04, 2008

Yoda rolled out the mat, and sat down on his bag nonchalantly. He crossed his legs. He took a deep breath. He was ready. This would be the greatest breakdance routine the galaxy had ever seen.


Other Craptions

Meanwhile, Vader's across the street, force choking anyone who tells him to get a fucking job.


Lie I will not, folks. Need money for booze.


Like most of the universe, Yoda had beat heavily on the Patriots...


Episode 3 was hard on everybody.


Long time love you I will.


"Don't I know you from somewhere?" "No." "Yeah! You're Yoda!" "That was a long time ago, kid. Just keep moving."


Just asking for handouts, Yoda? At least earn it by offering blowjobs, like Mark Hamill.


another type casted child star "forced" to the street


Yoda wonders what's going on at Cracked that there are so many of these fucking Star Wars pictures lately.


The suburban teens enjoyed the puppet show, but in the end, they still set him on fire.


Yet another Vet fallen on hard times.


Frank Oz learned the hard way that you never tell George Lucas that he's addicted to CGI.

Jonathan Kimak

Working as Jedi money doesn't give, shit this fuck, panhandler I rather be.


"What's in the bag? Your mama. Put a tenner in the bucket, I'll buy her a new asshole. I kinda broke the last one, know what I'm sayin'?"

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