Craptions Classics February 03, 2008

Winter had come and the football fans had failed to find shelter. Most likely they will die out in about a week. It seems cruel, but such is nature's way.


Other Craptions

Boston: Where Retards Become Retahds.


Pictured on left, right, and background: your daughters. Pictured in foreground: the idiots who bone your daughters.


My guess is that isn't the first time those guys have had a dude on their back.


Suddenly, all attention was teken away from Bob, who had encased himself in a statue for the big game.


It really didn't matter who won the Super Bowl this year, because these New England fan had already won the Super Douche Bag Bowl in their hearts...


Cecil froze in terror as he looked down and discovered what the guys had done with the rest of the paint while he was sleeping.


invisible tom brady blow job.


The Patriots devise a new scheme to take attention away from their suspiciously perfect winning streak...male nudity.

Trevor Moorehouse

New England New England I do declare I can see your underwear!


Just some Patriots fans showing off their breast implants.


Ah, yes. The things you can accomplish with a Harvard education.


Sure, you're focusing on the Pats logo painted on the guys' backs, but everyone else is taking pictures of M.C. Escher's 'Relativity' painted on their fronts.


Tom Brady demonstrating the wedgie he plans on giving Eli at the superbowl


Tom and his buddies had been so sure the Patriots were going to win when they got the tattoos, but afterwards they started to regret not waiting till the end of the game.

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