Craptions Classics March 27, 2006

This is why unions don't let a worker onto the docks until they have mastered tetris.

Chab Gassie

Other Craptions

That's what you get for trusting a ship whose name is an anagram of Evil Lord Hamburgoni.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Ah hell! Now the immigrants are all shook up! Have to wait a few minutes to open them now...

teh sukc

And that, gentlemen, is precisely why we wear hardhats.

The Yeti

- "A butterfly flapped its wings in Japan."
- "The chaos theory is bullshit."
- "Fine, I was high on PCP."


Now all Stan needed to complete his cargo crate fort was a sign reading 'No Girls Allowed'.

Raging Aardvark

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Massive Cargo Ships Drunk


"I wonder if anyone knows I'm mastur-" *CRASH!!!* "-OH, CRAP!!!"

Senor Taco

Batman: I dare you to fly across the Atlantic Ocean blindfolded.

Superman: You're on!

Linux fan

"See? Now that I've created an inclined plane, we can just slide the crates to the top!" Physics degree or not, it was Phil's lack of common sense that would eventually lead to his downfall as an engineer.

Choco Taco

The workers looked up in sheer disbelief as their worst fear came true: the katamari cometh.


"uhh...It's my first day..."

Larry Funnyword

See, Women just don't belong in the work force.


Thanks to the successful blockage of the UAE ports deal, the dockworkers union could again focus on what it does best; destroying valuable cargo.

Silly Billy
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