Craptions Classics January 22, 2008

The doomed children could only stare in awe as the Panda's mighty chi attack seemed to bend the air itself.


Other Craptions

Hey kid, I'm not from here. I'm looking for two of my Panda friends, one is wearing a red corset, and the other is wearing, uh, a "harness." You seen 'em?


To protect the pandas from dangered, they are kept in a small dirty plastic sphere. Away from food, water and air, which are potentially dangerous.


The magic crystal ball reveals the next extinction will be...


So, so I says to her "no bitch, I'm not that kind of guy" and then the chinamen scientist gets all pissed and tells them I'm a... a "show panda!" ME! A SHOW PANDA! Go figure. ...anyway, why are you guys OUTSIDE of this globe?


Sorry Bubble Panda. The answer was Moops.


Three residents of the Neverland Ranch await their grim fate...


1) Take a panda. 2) Put it in a transparent plastic sphere. 3) ??? 4) Profit.


No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.


Ning Ning begged the children not to shake the snowglobe again...but it was just too damn fun.


So you see kids, your mommy and daddy sent WWF money to save me because I am endangered. Unfortunately, the best idea they had was to put every remaining panda in a bubble to protect them.


The Flaming Lips came to a gruesome end when two punk kids pulled the ole 'Live Panda in the Crowd-Surfing Ball' gag.


'Scuse me. Airhole pleez.


The panda distracts the kids with his mime routine as the koala ties their shoelaces together. Because it doesn't matter which continent you're from, bears are assholes.


After that fateful incident, Roy Horn took several ingenious precautions: 1) Train a gentler beast. 2) Keep it in a bubble. 3) Have children he could out-run on stage with him.

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