Craptions Classics January 19, 2008

because this picture sucks to create a decent craption and it's my birthday I wish that my craption would win as a birthday present


Other Craptions

Sure, a lot of the captions will focus on the clearly homosexual WOMAN, but if you'd take a moment to look closely, the MAN's lips are suspiciously full in color. Also the monkey thing.


Oddly, Bicurious George was not nearly as big a hit as the original.


The fact that they're ignoring a gigantic ape makes one wonder just what the hell they're looking at.


The Pedophilia Trojan Horse, has not yet lured any children, but surely their patience will pay off.


That's the second biggest monkey doll I've ever seen!


Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty dyke!


Somewhere there is a pissed off giant who can't get his shirt to button correctly.


Dear Penthouse Forum...


Sonny bonobo and Cher...


Across the park Paul and Dianne's eyes met for the first time. Years later they would recall fondly that there had just been something incredible between the two of them.

Matt Gallagher

It always comes down to this, doesn't it? No matter how careful you are, no matter how you prepare, there is always the final problem: What do you do with the body?


Blinky was nervous about shooting nude at first, but with his tail secured around the tree and his friends nearby to support him, he was ready to bring on the camera.


Trying to hide from her crazy, stalker lesbian ex-girlfriend, Sharon hoped to God the giant monkey costume was an inconspicuous enough disguise.


Who just called me a "muffin top?" Was it you, monkey?

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