Craptions Classics January 15, 2008

Bobby waited in earnest for his feeding but his mother was about to lay him flat with the truth: He was adopted.


Other Craptions

The child soon learned that if one were to impersonate a statue, one shouldn't hold his mouth open.


In literal fashion Billy had no choice but to flip everyone the bird.


After balancing the bird on his pinky finger for three days, four hours and seven minutes, the boy couldn't believe that a simple sneeze prevented him from breaking a world record.


This picture came from a collection taken by Terrance and Lucy Hitchcock when they took their son Alfred on vacation... he was never the same since.


Resembles a bird and appears to be having a public orgasm? Paris Hilton will be suing for copyright infringement.


Ozzy Osborne, age 6.


John Woo's remake of "Look Whose Talking" really gets hard to follow after about the 3rd gun fight.


"Forest friends! ASSEMBLE!"


(cont. damn limit) In Soviet Russia, bird feeds on YOU! ^There. Now no one can do those shitty craptions.


Mommy take a picture of me feeding this birdeeEEEAAYYYY OH GOD MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

Alexander L. Hoffman

Little known Children's Tylenol side effect: May attract angry pigeons.


FINISH HIM!!! But other than that, Russian and the US are pretty much the same. T mobile. Man these iPod commercials are becoming obtuse. Marco! ... Polo! Human tetris pays a dearly high price. Give me the ring, Frodo. In Soviet



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