Craptions Classics January 12, 2008

"Pfft, no way man, you meeting Anthony Hopkins is about as likely as someone masturbating on a unicycle...."


Other Craptions

The two seconds prior to the most bizarre insurance claim in the history of Allstate.


"Mum? I'm in the park. Say, could you check craiglist for me?,'cause there is a middle-aged white guy here and he is circleling me on an unicycle, but he isn't juggling. It díd say he would be flashing me, riding an unicycle and juggling, right? "


Larry decided he could no longer live without his shirt and stepped right onto the bicycle track...


Harry The Homeless & Self Appointed Bicycle Lane Cop never thought he'd see the day when the unicycle guy was the only one actually obeying the law.


In 2024 the Eminem-50 cent comeback tour was just sad. You know, with Eminem masturbating on a unicycle and all...


Noooo bitch...listen White guy! One wheel! Grabbin his junk! Headin your way!


Shooting began today on David Lynch's new film, his adaptation of Beckett's "Waiting For Godot"


What baffled Ali, was not that there was a man riding a unicycle, but that the man, for some reason, was holding a stapler while doing it.


Join the expanding homeless society with our new prices! T- mobile


In the race of life, we will take away your wheels. T-mobile


We accept souls as downpayment. T-mobile.... for eternity.


With T-mobile, you are at the standstill while competition speed's ahead.


"Honey..come look at this!! i never thought riding a unicycle while masturbating would look that easy!"


Hello? 911? We got another unicycle in the two wheel or more lane.

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