Craptions Classics January 09, 2008

In the Indian version of "Happy Days", nobody fucked with the Fonz.


Other Craptions

Due to budget constraints, Sanjeev Knievel was forced to cancel his "jump the Taj Mahal" stunt and go with "Jump Taj"


What's really going on when you hear "All of our operators are currently busy assisting other customers. Your business is important to us. We will answer calls in the order in which they were received..."


The people of this impoverished nation are forced to do their daredevil stunts with just a handful of bricks. For just a couple of cents a day you can sponsor a ring of fire.


"If you should sustain an erection for more than 3 hours, use motorbike"


The Indian chapter of Cobra Kai finally gets Daniel-san.


The unexpected effect of tearing that tag off of your mattress.


Don't worry, we're white-belts. No, it's cool. Seriously, I do this all the time. You can even ask my mom.


"...and sensual massages from the local beauties." THE BROCHURE LIED!


Sanjeev Knievel delighted local audiences last week by using his motorcycle to squish members of a lower caste.


You know what, I fucking game 54 cents a day for this...fuck you people. I don't see one damn pair of shoes!


The life expectancy for the average male in New Delhi is 22 years. Experts speculate a poor diet and dire living conditions. But haven’t ruled out stupidity either.


The reason why the phrase "Jump The Shark" means absolutely nothing in Pakistan...


In this year's Indian X-Games, Raj easily took home the gold medal in the "cockjumping" event.


Pending a continued lack of support, the Third World will take AIDS prevention into their own hands.

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