Craptions Classics January 02, 2008

Later, after the party was over, it was generally agreed by all present that the two had completely redefined the term "statutory rape".


Other Craptions

What REALLY happened after Han Solo was encased in carbonite...


Steve's furry fetish was so strong that even death couldn't stop it.


The statue man was resilient, he had survived the furries but not even he suspect the other statue guy who had kicked him in the nuts.


these craptions pictures have been so weak lately


wow... the Japanese porn version of Alvin and the Chipmunks was weird


Stop ladies your making me hard.


Mitzy and Frizty were so excited. At last they could have their picture taken with the statue of the Eternal Groin Hit!!


Partly cloudy 75% chance of furries...


Bruce knew grizzlies were dangerous, but when one of the bears broke his leg, twisted it backwards and began kicking his own nuts with it, he began to appreciate just how bad this mauling was going to be...


Unfortunately, when the Furries arrived later to crash the World's Largest Waffle Party, they realized they had not in fact grabbed the world's largest bottle of Aunt Jemima.


Tom awoke in a dark alley with a sad realization: "What the fuck happened last night? these aren't the play boy bunnies?! why they aren't bunnies at all!


The terrible car crash left rat and donkey in full body casts. Spider was smart, he wore his seat belt.


Okay, okay, now get one of me giving him a lap dance and Bootsy licking his ear!


It seems the makers of Skippy peanut butter have decided to take up new ideas: This weeks meeting resulted in the hunt for dark chocolate men.

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