Craptions Classics January 01, 2008

That's so weird. Why stain the chairs, but leave the table with a natural finish?


Other Craptions

See, I told you I had a black friend!


Angela told her imaginary friends to stop playing imaginary chess and please kill the bigass spider. They told her she was a delusional schizophrenic and to shut up so they could concentrate.


Alright all I have to do is hide these statues I made out of the surplus cocaine before the cops get here andOH MY GOD THE FUCKING SPIDERS ARE BACK!


Thats right rabbit I'll pay you one spider so that you'll have sex with my wife. Now whats it gonna be?


After their characters were replaced by CGI versions, Bugs and Mickey now share a public housing unit in the low-rent Acme Heights part of Toontown.


Mr Rat's White Supremacist meet up did not go to plan.


28 days later with no other form of life on the planet and all the food eaten, the incy wincy spider realized he wasn't going back up that spout again


The saddest New Year's Eve party in the world... Now accepting paypal donations.


Little Moira couldn't understand why the other little girls didn't want to come over to play tea party with her.


In what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity, the spider suddenly realized the strip poker tournament had gone too far.


No one knew that in her early years, Charlotte was really into the Bondage scene.


The little spider only had enough power left to defrost one: either the hare will finish the race, or Master Splinter will get to return to the sewers.


The rat and the rabbit regarded each other, and for a brief moment a sense of kinship passed between them.


Your stomach? No? Your face? No? On your lawn chairs in the form of a rat and a rabbit? Okay sweet. Oh yeah! Ah! Oh! Oh! ...

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