Craptions Classics December 31, 2007

The Sinead O'Connor sex dolls weren't exactly flying off of the shelves...


Other Craptions

It was only after entering rehab that Britney realized that she could no longer run her hand through her hair...


People who buy the new cut of Blade Runner might be disappointed by its 1.3 seconds of new material.


Only a few miles away from it's more popular counterpart, the Island of Misfit Sex-toys enjoys a quieter (although kinkier) existence


However, once Mike reached the final level, he realized he would have to go back and find that extra arm to trade for the pogo stick.


Inspite of the fact the Jigsaw had shaved her bald, cut off her limbs, and trapped her in a filthy basement, Madeline was only filled with mild ennui


Girls! Girls! Girls! Dirt cheap girls! (some assembly required, offer void in NM, AK, and CA)


When Dan woke up and looked around, he knew it was time to quit drinking.


And as the scooter-riding android removed her arm to reveal the laser cannon, Todd finally realized that her love over the last few months had simply been a facade.


Film audiences and studios had grown tired of torture porn, but that didn't stop Eli Roth from making Hostel Part III on a budget of $3.50 with the cheapest actress he could get.


Sally looked into the distance, hoping for a sandwich she could no longer conveniently eat.


Roger had adjusted to Lurleen's lack of arms and hair, but when she performed her naked pogo stick dance he discovered she had no nipples or vagina either...


Young Sara turned her back to the scooter, and sighed "another shitty, and thoughtless gift from grandpa."


"You know what Bob, I think we should take the basement off the Neverland Ranch tour."

Jonathan Kimak

After Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket just kept getting shittier and shittier jobs.

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