Craptions Classics December 27, 2007

The real tragedy of Megacock's existence was that with every step he took, he kicked himself in the balls.


Other Craptions

This is what happens if erections last for more than three hours and you DON'T consult a physician


Yeah, giant dick. Whatever. But seriously- Check out the titties on that dude!!


I said bring the SOCK puppet not the....never mind!


Petey the Penis was thrilled when he was chosen to lead the parade. But he had to keep reminding himself not to get too excited or things couldg et messy.


A Boston Red Sox hat? I'm so embarrassed to be seen with you.


The Viagra Theme Park had some great rides, but the mascots are a little off-putting.


AP NEWS WIRE: Protesters outside surgeon's office claim malpractice: Large cock: "I wanted a 7 -INCH- penis!" Man with breasts: "I just wanted a haircut..."


Smilin bob finally realized the truth, you actually ARE what you eat...


This is what happens when a goomba gets a mushroom instead of Mario.


oh i wish i were an oscar mayeer wiener, that is what i truly want to be. cause if i were an oscar mayer wiener, every body would pleasure me.


Squirty, the latest addition to the Disney Christmas Parade, loves those backrubs.


During the Gay Pride Parade Stan thought it would be appropriate to wear the clothes he wore on his wedding day .


Man, ever since Walt Disney died Disney World has become a fucked up place.


"I've been trying for days to get the top craption, staying up past midnight to get the first one. I thought tonight would be my time to- Oh come on a dick costume?"

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