Craptions Classics December 25, 2007

It took drastic measures to stop Tim Allen from making The Santa Clause 5, but in the end everyone agreed it was necessary.


Other Craptions

He was a scab, and if there is one thing that the National Santa's Union doesn't like, its a fucking SCAB!


When the dyslexics decided to 'rid the world of Satan', tragedy was inevitable.


Santa proposed that Christians abandon their materialistic holiday, and have Christmas honor the birth of Jesus again. It didn't go over well


Ho, Ho, Holy Shit!!!


"I've heard of stockings hung with glee but this is ridiculous! Get it?! Ha!" "Shut up and chant, Steve."


Teacher says that every time Santa is hung from a stoplight, an angel gets its wings.


Yes Virginia, there WAS a Santa Claus...


With the rise of the $600 video game console, the devaluation of world currency, and the environment hurtling toward disaster, it was only a matter of time before the stocking market collapsed.


Now let's see the Easter Bunny show his pink fluffy ass around here again.


Getting a first kiss under the dangling santa makes for a way better story than mistletoe.


the kkk decided to get into the holiday spirit by dressing up for the season.


"...But other than that, yeah, Christmas in Saudi Arabia is pretty much exactly the same."


Martin's life flashed before his eyes and he noticed the moment he made the decision resulting in this; He wanted to be the first Jewish Santa.


Actually, one holiday is pretty much like any other holiday when you live in Effigy, Alabama.

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