Craptions Classics December 14, 2007

There's no definitive way to prove it, but chances are very likely that this picture was taken in Japan.


Other Craptions

Hoo-Jing-Cho watched in amusement as the jolly parade passed him by. He didn't need a mask to appear happy. Not today. Not with a dead prostitute in his fridge.


At dawn, the Sunny Delight army stormed Kool-Aid Man's fortress of solitude.


Alas, the sun god Ra would again be disappointed by another batch of followers.


Unfortunately, camouflage is not an effective countermeasure to global warming.


The protest of nighttime went well for about 12 hours.


paper plates: 50 cents each plastic cups: 2 dollars a bag. Having the same halloween costume as everyone else: worthless


With one fell swoop, all hope was lost. The Happiness Virus had invaded. Its reign of terror had begun.

Mike Huang

Despite their vastly superior technology, the aliens had a really crappy plan to convince us that they came in peace. To the horror of millions, it worked anyway.


To the shock and awe of millions, the stars began to fall to earth. There was universal disappointment as people realised they weren't that up close, they weren't that impressive....


This is the kind of education we do not need. No, children, the sun will not hug you, it is a nuclear reactor that will burn you to death. Its life.


This is an increasingly popular and more practical option for the modern Iraqi woman who is ready to shed the burqa, but not ready to abandon the headcovering tradition altogether.


And I thought Japanese porno couldn't get any weirder.


"Shiny, happy people holding haaa..." "I'm sorry, I can't do this. It's just fucking retarded."


Incidentally, the face-huggers in Aliens 5 will be a little less intimidating.

Cale M, Zach K
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