Craptions Classics December 13, 2007

The less popular: "2 Girls,1 Boat", is shockingly grosser than its predecessor.


Other Craptions

Thankfully, the ill-conceived "Pimp My Barge" was cancelled after only one episode.


When you touch a boat your touching every girl that boat's been with


As the lesbians built their ark, they failed to spot the problem the two-by-two rule would cause when they were the only survivors of the human race...


We would have been doomed, but Marcy discovered that a little zebra hide can go a long way when it comes to making a sail.


One of these things is a giant, barnacle covered, crab filled mess that washed up on shore. The other two are a boat and a chick wearing a blue top.


"No one is ever going to believe we killed this thing." "Shut up and keep smiling! We're going to be famous."


Miraculously, the ancient Noah's Ark was discovered by two west-coast suburbanites after it washed itself onto shore for no goddamn reason.

Cale M, Zach K

Every time the pushed it back in the poor thing would beach itself again. Eventually they left it to fate.


Stupid EBAY! They're getting negative feedback.


As expected, Pirates 4 really, really sucked


Mentally challenged lesbians Sarah and Jill were always looking for that "little man in the boat" they'd kept hearing about.


The boat smiled. He may be rusty. He may be old. But he still be nailin' the fly bitches ALL NIGHT LONG.

Mike Huang

"We've been glued to this boat for 3 fucking days. My shoes are filled with blood. Please god, someone help us!"

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