Craptions Classics December 11, 2007

Teamwork: Because bullets can only go through so many bodies...


Other Craptions

Godzirra !!!!


Due to an over-populated military and poor road maintenance, some lower ranking asian military pull speed bump detail.


"What if they come from a different side?"


Oh, it's alright, no one can see us, sir. We're wearing camouflage.


The Vietnamese army forgot they only had 1 blocker Lemming for this level, and used it too early.


Um...I think there's something wrong with the respawn point...


And so the phrase "Cluster Fuck" was born.


Taking military advice from American vaudeville is usually a bad idea, but the "Clown Car" method of troop movement worked surprisingly well for these Korean soldiers.

Ryan Oskroba

"Okay, seriously guys, you can't all hide behind this car. Where the shit are all your cars? If you didn't bring your own car to hide behind, go home. This one's for me and Steve."

Cale M, Zach K

Without warning, a Seoul police cruiser is suddenly t-boned by the 31st Infantry, B company.


Q:How many Asian militants does it take to change a tire? A:21 . 1 to change the tire and the rest to shoot him if he does it wrong .


After washing it yet again, the guys from Precinct 23 were determined to get rid of that damn pigeon.


"Splinter Cell: The MMORPG" SEEMED like a good idea on paper...


The army tried desperately to recreate the glory of the Iwo Jima flag raising...but tipping over Toyotas just wasn't as powerful of an image.

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