Craptions Classics March 23, 2006

One obvious drawback to the horsehair transplant baldness cure.


Other Craptions

Mary's reverse 2-1/2 pike was technically flawless. Unfortunately, the pool was on the other side of the platform.

Bakken Hood

Unfortunately, this medal winning trick dismount was only attempted by Christopher Reeves once

sneakatack-going to hell for this one

Trinity backflipped away just before the booby-trapped horse exploded. The agents would have to try harder next time.


Use the horse, Luke!

Stabby McTwist

Equestrian gymnastics is a new sport that falls under the category of "Just what the fuck were they thinking?" sports.

mike hunt

no matter how controlled the horses diet it still craped out gymnasts

droped soap

Ha Ha, Mrs. Reeve, I have you at last!!!


The Clydesdales really take it personally with those Miller Lite drinkers


Cindy fought the horse.

The horse won.

Linux fan

Sally received a 9.9 for her dismount oh and 11 stitches in her forehead.


The picture illustrates an important point: horses do NOT like enemas.


" i think i jus shite myself"

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