Craptions Classics January 26, 2006

Other Craptions

Ramzi was furious. Those damn little brats put glue on his Molotov cocktail again.

Linux fan

Suddenly Juan started freaking out when his left arm shrunk and his right arm grew to incredible sizes.

Michael Nguyen

Though his real name was Ahmal, fans of "Dance, Dance Revolution" knew him only as...the Chosen One

Silly Billy

Sensing defeat, Ahmed withdraws his pikachu.


After playing mortal kombat for 6 weeks strait Keith was confident he could pull off Kano's "heart rip" fatality. Unfortunately for Bill, he did.


"...Gimme an 'A'! Gimme a 'D'! What does that spell?"

"Abu Rahi al-Ahmadinejad!"

Joe Pants

"C'mon Ahmal! Do it again!"
"Alright, alright. Once more. Ahem. GO-GO-GADGET HINDUISM!"


Abdul regrets accepting Ali's invitation to pull his finger.


The first time young Dhalsim killed a man with his long stretchy arms even he was amazed. Little did he know he would then grow up to be a Street Fighter.


Just then Aishu removed the vale covering her face.

Joe Schmo

The primitive nation of Albania were no match for David Blaine's street magic.


With his hand trapped off camera, Andres makes the necessary preparations to begin gnawing off his arm at the shoulder.



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