Craptions Classics December 09, 2007

"Oooh, this is SO gonna go on my ThySpace!"


Other Craptions

Cardinal Connell set out to prove that Pope Benidict could neither be recorded using a camera nor seen in mirrors.

Ronan Gleeson

"A four-hour Mass?" Cardinal O'Malley decided instead to snap some proof for his parishioners that he'd been there and then sneak out to find a pub.


At the 2027th Vatican Spring Break, Bishop Thomas video tapes the wet habit contest for this year episode of "Nuns Gone Wild"


The new Nokia N88. The choice of the enlightened.


When it finally took place, only Father o' Malley thought to capture Armageddon for posterity.


Bishop darkhorse was always breaking the rules, look at him with his unorthadox red sleeve!


Wily Cardinal Theodore captures the never before seen Pope Beer-chug softball classic.


"Okay, I'll upload these pics on facebook, but I'm not fucking tagging them, you bitches have to do that yourselves."


The 'Real World'- Vatican City


Cardinal Sin was determined to make it to the Youtube featured videos.


Despite the Vatican's extensive coffers the 'Da Vinci Hoax' was made on an extremely low budget.


Still purple hat and robe day was recorded for posterity.


Cardinal Sinn could not pass on this once in a lifetime opportunity... getting the reds on his display just right.


"The Grand Revolution cannot yet begin, my brothers. For there are...spies...among us." Detective MacDowall nervously adjusted his flowing robe. There was no way they could have known.

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