Craptions Classics December 03, 2007

LakeON, apply directly to the forhead!

Jonathan Kimak

Other Craptions

With the help of Donald Sutherland, the beached synchronized swimming team was returned to the wild.


Evolution: From beardy weirdo to dolphin in 4 easy steps...


It had taken a while but Tom had finally managed to combine his two favourite hobbies. Swimming and bondage


Unfortunately, the zombie could swim, too.


The withered master looked on at his pupils in dismay. "I don't know if I have enough time left to pass on the art of the 'Stand-at-a-thirty-degree-angle', taught to me by my original sensei, the Smooth Criminal."


In the land of speedos, the man with some damn shorts is king.

Matt Gallagher

As jacques cousteau aged, there were unfortunate consequences when he began misinterpreting the statement "Tape the dive".


Like every other book they touch, Hollywood butchers the ending to Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea.


Even in his late 70's, chuck norris was still able to take down and bind 3 fully grown humans simply by looking at them


If the Sopranos took place in San Francisco....


Here we see Guiseppie's trust excercises with his diving class suffer a setback. The water is only about 3 inches deep.


Human Devolution Figure 1.A


Unable to find a boat, Grandpa decides to just ducktape the grandkids together in to a raft.


Having been mocked by the other dolphin trainers his entire life, Paolo often took it out on his family...

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