Craptions Classics December 02, 2007

"Ha! My costume is sure to win most original this year! No one could possibly... ...DAMNIT!"


Other Craptions

There were some severe disadvantages in being a mercenary for the Muppet army.


And this is why, despite decades of trying, the Taiwanese military can't mount a successful rebellion against China.

Ryan Oskroba

Where as Smokey in North America advocates forest fire prevention, his Far East cousin is an ex-special force arsonist with gargantuan matchsticks.


Come on guys, quit "dragon" behind. Haha I've been waiting all day to say that. But seriously the emperor will kill me if we don't get these candles to his birthday party by five.


Nothing says "Army espionage" like dressing as a bear that's on fire.

Cale M, Zach K

The Cincinnati Bengals watched their Vietnamese fans' tribute video for all of forty seconds before throwing it in the trash.


North Korean Gynecologists take their job way to seriously.


Nobody in my family was sure how to deal with Dad's death.


The Mummer Battalion was the most fearsome in the army.


The EXACT reason Japan dominated Asia during World War 2.


Despite controversy in the United States, gays are openly accepted in foreign militias.


"Captain?" "What, Lieutenant?" "...never mind. Let's go."


"Join a band if you want to get chicks," his older brother told him. But six months after mistakenly joining the school marching band, little-brother Carlos was just as clueless and horny as ever.


"Who's the man? I'm the man. Oh yeah, I'm so gettin some poon tonight. Lock up your daughters cause ol' TNI-AQ is on the prowl tonight...."

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