Craptions Classics December 01, 2007

Karl and Jerry had real talent in the machine shop... unfortunately, they only used this latest invention to get drunk, knock the masts off of sailboats and then yell "Good luck, fuckers" at the stunned occupants as they sped away.


Other Craptions

"Actually, Fred, I *do* drive a Pontiac Aztek. Why do you ask?"


"Don't worry Hank, it's easy to drive. Just go pizza, french fries, pizza, french fries..."


The only disadvantage of the Stealth Sea Y12, was that it stood out.


Bollywood makes a movie about a spider that gets bitten by a radioactive teenager.


Redneck in the know will tell you that monster trucks are so last year


You're doing it wrong? Nah fuck it, nobody knows how to drive this thing. Nobody even knows what its for.


"Yeah, this is a bad ass boat, Marv. But, shit. Did you have to give it elf shoes??"


Heavy testing is required for Shaquille O'Neal's skis.

Cale M, Zach K

Let's see Dr. Quest and Race Bannon stop my giant water spider - HA HA HA!


Boeing learned their lesson and George W. would never again be allowed to create his own Marine transport vehicle.


Wild Wild West II.


Well, what would happen if you combined Wild Wild West with Waterworld...... a terrible fucking movie, that's what


Run for your lives! It's ArachPontoon... the most recent Decepticon to invade earth!!


"It works, it works! Now, let's go home and make something that prevents you from writing too many words in the 'Submit Craption' box."

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