Craptions Classics November 30, 2007

To their misfortune, the balloon is actually powered by the phrase "Oh, shit! Shit shit shit shit shit!!"

Cale M, Zach K

Other Craptions

Charlie Brown's war with the kite eating tree extended through his teenage years...


Yogi became more and more inventive when taking pickernic baskets.


Tom knew there were easier ways to get his T-shirt off but he just couldnt think of any at the moment


"Sam Fisher, you come down from there this instance and have a normal vacation like everybody else!"


"Julie, I need your opinion; do these shorts make my legs look an inhuman shade of orange?"

Matt Gallagher

In Russia picnic basket eats you!


The Wizard of Oz's progeny was twice as incompentent.


Ted's lasso skills, while impressive, were often getting him into trouble.


This is what happens when pinatas get pissed off.


This was the third botfriend she had lost to that evil floating basket!


First, it took her parents. Then it took her sister. But Laura was gonna be God damned if the floating picnic basket was taking her boyfriend too...


The new and improved Ab-King pro


George of the Jungle had a cousin, Fred of the Sky, who also had a problem with trees.


"Jeremy, it's time you learned the truth. I am your father." "Really? Well, that explains my face and legs. And now that I think about it, the flying.

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