Craptions Classics November 28, 2007

Tired of having his puzzles mocked as "easily solved by adolescents," Where's Waldo author Martin Handford debuts his latest work, simply entitled: Good Luck, Fuckers!


Other Craptions

An Oreo magnified 1000 times.


Gentlemen, prepare for the biggest Spy vs. Spy comic ever!


No Flags, they said. But there's always one fucker who has to stand out...


They all don't look alike, my ass.


The lineups for bathrooms are extremely long in Japan, making the segregation all the more noticeable.


"No, no," Dr. Chang said, "back in China there was a lot of room for individualism. I don't know where you Americans get these ideas."


China rolls out its plan to distinguish their women from men.


The bankers taunted the Klansmen with cries of "sheet for brains." The Klansmen couldn't think of a good comeback, even though they knew there was something fundamentally wrong about bankers.


Japan has a historic blood feud few know about: Businessmen vs nurses. Both sides are too afraid to strike the first blow however, and they usually just assemble in large groups and pretend not to notice one another. Hilarity ensues.


So that's black and white and red all over!


Hi Big Great Leader, I am woman 514 and I heard Woman 517 clearly say to woman 518: Where do babies come from? Please execute.


Not one of the guys had the balls to ask one of the women to dance.


No one wore underwear at Spencer Tunick's funeral.


Spy vs. Spy graduation and nemisis initiation day was a raving success.

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