Craptions Classics November 25, 2007

Janice had left herself wide open. The q-tip army saw their chance and struck with horrible precision.


Other Craptions

Go go gadget..WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?


It was at this point that Glenda realised that the word "Elephant" on her tampons, had not been the brand name.


Suddenly, I have no interest in saving the cheerleader OR the world.


Although popular in Japan, Chun Li's lesser-known technique, Spinning Auto Penis, never made it into the US version of Street Fighter.


Forget the gyrating Q-tip for just a second. How the hell is she standing like that? This bitch has talent.


Somebody's been doing their kegels.


Suddenly a helicopter emerged from Audrey's vagina. The missing expedition team had returned after 6 years. What stories would they bring? What tales would they share? Only time would tell.


Determind to be number one in tri-county baton twirling competions, Kathi comes up with a big BOLD finish to her routine.


From that day on, the men of Saudi Arabia kept their f**king hands to themselves.


Novelty car jack causes controversy.


CAUTION: Q-Tips should only be used to clean OUTSIDE part of the ear.


Ping pong balls? Weak. I can play badmitton with mine.


Even after seeing so many other artists' interpretation of life through dance, Deloris's rendition of "The Life of a Doorstop" still managed to give them something they had never seen before.


MANwsers: slow otion replay of a gymnast reveals for the first time the hidden mechanical leveler that allows gymnasts to split.

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