Craptions Classics November 24, 2007

As the elephant distract the female with his mating calls, the water buffalo hacks into the office's network.


Other Craptions

Contestants mumbled in disgust as Jenny's doormat costume was proclaimed the winner.


The only thing she couldn't make out of wicker? A loving husband and some kids.

Nick Coffin

"Damn it, Noah! I said 'build an ark out of gopher wood and bring the animals in two by two.' What the hell is this?"


Hey, Pier 1! Do you guys have any giant crap made out of straw? Yeah, I'll take two.

Ryan Oskroba

Getting the models to hold still while she wove these was a bit of a bitch.


The debate over cloning ended when every top geneticist was hired by Linens & Things.


Whenever Ms. Honeybell told the class they would be making macaroni art, Mitsuki got very, very excited.


Having learned from the best, Jun Woodall used the skin of one of the dead animals to camoflage herself and easily blended in with the wicker herd.


It's not well known that God made mockups before his final creations. Eve was quite a problem. This model had a wicker access plate to allow adjustments.


The Trojan War Recreation Society had two problems - not enough funds and too much creative license.


obviously Chun's "wicker room of seduction" seemed like the least popular room at the swingers party, but if you only knew why that steer was plugged in you would think otherwise.


Unfortunately, the steer's plug sparked and it caught fire. A few days later, the elephant threw itself into a wood chipper, unable to take the loss.


An elephant andawater buffalo posewith their sculpture of a human woman. Their only dissatisfaction with their work is that the face doesn't look lifelike enough.

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