Craptions Classics November 23, 2007

Micheal Bay's version of Godzilla left studio executives questioning where the $40 million budget went.


Other Craptions

And so this was it. Chico's final attempt at winning Snowball's paw in marriage. If this didn't work then fuck it, the bitch wasn't worth it...


The Celestial Dragon's visit to Earth was underwhelming.


Due to cutbacks the Taco Bell chihuahua was forced to take a job at Geico.


Neo and Mr. Anderson seen in a showdown shortly after the Matrix's experimental upgrade to Windows Vista.


At first Mary Anne Goldberg was afraid that she would look silly dressing Chinese. Mister Ruffles assuaged those fears.


Caucasians dressing Chinese brought a poodle, Mexicans in jeans brought a rat, but Jeremy knew that his dragon-dog would rule the playground today.


Yeah, he wears the dragon suit whenever we go to Korean restaurants. It makes him look stupid as hell but I don't blame him.


This years I am dumber looking than my dog convention is brought to you by Emoticons, "making people friendless since 1999"


A scene from the first and only episode of the new MTV reality show "Pimp My Poodle"


Mmmmmm... Forget that skinny hairball, I think I just spotted our new main course.


"Don't be afraid Princess Muffin, this dragon is not dangerous it is only retarded. Now, let us go holding this umbrella makes me feel silly."


And so this was it. Chico's last attempt at winning Snowball's paw in marriage. If this didn' work then fuck it, the bitch wasn't worth it...


"C'mon, baby, I've got the terrified Japanese citizen costume back at my place. Don't you even want to try it?" "I said no, Rex, it's just too weird!" And with that, Fluffy fell into a stony silence, whilst her larger slave looked on with disda


"Oh my, what a ridiculous looking dog!" exclaimed the American woman wearing a kimono and socks with sandals.

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