Craptions Classics November 22, 2007

The neverland army surrendered peacefully


Other Craptions

John panicked after seeing "Signs"


Now all young George needed was friends to have a water fight with.


The Bush administration reveals compelling evidence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Bill waited in eager anticipation of his new "internet friend's" arrival to show off his collection. How awesome that they were both big time into water sports!


L.A.'s 'Toys for Guns' program gets off to a confusing start.


The good news is that if he flips out and shoots up a school no one gets hurt.


Realizing there was few chances for its revolution to succeed, the TOYS 'R' US branch of Al-Kaida decided to surrender all of its weapons


Fred was only missing one thing: water.

Nick Coffin

Because sometimes you need a visual display of your virginity.

Cale M, Zach K

Little Timmy had an epiphany after his ears had been graced by the musical genius of Soulja Boy. He would indeed Super Soak that ho.

Dave Imboden

NOOOO! You've taking it out of its original packaging!


This was looking out to be the best birthday party EVER.


Frank knew, if one was able to free Dorothy and defeat the Wicked Witch, it was him!


"God damn Taiwanese Santa. Leave me the hell alone!"

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