Craptions Classics March 21, 2006

Finish him!


Other Craptions

No matter how high the risk, Ronald McDonald never passes up a chance to score free meat.

Chab Gassie

Global Warming: 1
Retarded Beagle: 0

Buddy Christ

"No, Frank! That's just the tip! There's tons of it under the surface!"


Before he "showed off" for his disciples, Jesus practiced a lot of his miracles beforehand.

Silly Billy

Stupid dog. Can't you read? The sign says CAUTION: THIN ICE! God, I'm so sick and tired of rescuing you idiots.

Linux fan

They're so cute when barely clinging to life, just look at those eyes.


Dogfish, for people that don't like Catfish.


THIS puppy is MINE!!


Bootsie knew the man had a dart gun. But Bootsie was biding his time.. and he was prepared, oh yes, he was PREPARED!


Cirque du Soleil: Dog-o-Rama.

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