Craptions Classics November 19, 2007

"A toast, Gentleman. May your wine glasses always be full and may your creepy, male, asian prostitutes always be gold!"


Other Craptions

A recent photo from the G8 summit led to the expenses reports being double checked.


A case of fine wine, $5000. Male strippers in gold body paint, $25000. Celebrating the offing of James Bond, Priceless.


"A toast to Dr. Mikazashi. Thanks to him, the age of gilded sex robots has finally arrived!"


*teeth clenched* -It's my turn to hold it Susan. -No it isn't. -You're making a scene. -No YOU'RE making a scene.


the first ever olimpic bukkake is off to a roaring start


What? You don't have golden Chinese people serving you wine?


See, this is why I never jump up when the boss says, "I need two volunteers for a special project".


After a couple glasses of wine, King Midas could be a real asshole sometimes


As he drank the blood of the frozen bodies of his first hunt, Hoshi thought that they might finally accept him. And, for the first time, he was happy.


After years on the painted fetish model circuit Ming smiled because he knew he had finally made it to the top . . . well almost.


"Crushed in Tender Buttocks" seemed like a brilliant slogan at the time, but the wines from Golden Boy Vineyards didn't have the broad appeal that NAMBLA was hoping for at the rollout party.


2010: The year that child labor will be trumped by the enslavement of the little men and women that top trophies.


After a heated auction, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints finally bought Adam and Eve. They now live in Jackson County, Missouri.


After years of diligent research, the team had finally done it - they had won the Golden Handjob Award.

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