Craptions Classics November 18, 2007

And that's how the Republican Party was born.


Other Craptions

By 2010, German porn was just filling out the few remaining unexplored niches.


Frightened by the crowd's violent reaction to his latest masterpiece, Antoine decided not to tell them that females don't have tusks.


You know you've had too much to drink at Oktoberfest when you not only see the pink elephant, you see it ass raping an elephant with a blond wig.


Mommy,mommy, that's what daddy was doing to Mrs. Kruss in the garage last night.


"Well, you obviously put a lot of work into the assignment...but what does this have to do with The Great Gatsby?"


I'd hate to be the clean up crew at this parade.


And the parents were asked many questions by their children regarding sex in the animal kingdom, not because they drove to the demonstration willingly, but because it coincedentally ran along the same street directing people to Kamelle's 8th birthday


Everyone could pretty much admit that this was a very loose translation of Dr. Seuss's "Oh the places you'll go"


Its not funny! You try and push a dead elephant of the road!!


A recreation of how Jesus REALLY came to be.


And the Log Cabin Republicans wowed the onlookers today at the Gay Pride Parade, seen here taking one for the team in honor of the recently publicized outbreak of Compassionate Conservatism with young male interns and to encourage even more revelatio


Son of a bitch! I have to put up with him at baseball and football games all the time back home, I come to Germany, and I still have to put up with the Rainbow Wig guy.


Gay Elephant Sex, think about it.


Ever since the anti-sodomy laws had been put back into effect, the gay Dutch had found more creative ways to release their passions.

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