Craptions Classics November 16, 2007

Sandals with socks don't fail me now.


Other Craptions

There is no use screaming and running in terror over spilt milk


Ever since Godzilla, little Asian boys have been known to run and scream like girls at the sight of big green objects.


...and when the tower came to life and spoke, Fu ran screaming, but Hu affectionately patted it on the chin.


Could Yoshi run to the used panties vending machine before the crates hit the floor? He had a fistful of yen riding on it.


Unfortunately for Kenji since absolutely nobody could watch more than a couple minutes of this low budget film, he couldn't prove that Oliver Stone stole his idea for the film World Trade Center.


Having finally managed to balance the crates on a perfect 70 degree angle, Toshi excitedly ran to tell mother, umaware that his jealous younger brother Yoshi, was about to completely fuck everything up.


Mark had always been terrible at Jenga.


The expired milk hit Koji's lower GI on this humid, 95 degree day. Could he make it to the bathroom in time?


Steven's attempt to reverse the spin of the earth, thereby saving the bottles, was abruptly ended by a faulty sandal strap...and his lack of superhuman speed.


"No, YOU'RE overreacting!"


No way am I working as the Jolly Green Giant's fluffer anymore!


The Japanese take lactose intolerance to a whole new level.


With little to no budget for the project, John Woo's next film was rather pathetic.


Exactly two minutes before the second largest Tsunami in Asian history, the Great Milk Tsunami. It could have been prevented, but Toshi's manic screams at Yoshi fell on deaf hears.

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