Craptions Classics November 15, 2007

Some bamboo and a knife? You can trade Asian children for next to nothing these days!


Other Craptions

The Japanese children's "Dress Like White Culture" contest was a success, with Mozart coming in first, a shish-kebab coming in second, and Little Red Riding Hood in a distant third.

Ryan Oskroba

Being taught to eat healthy has never before been this sexually appealing.


Visual recipe: 1. Slice the bamboo thinly. 2. Tie the strips into a bundle. 3. Put the bundle in the trash can. 4. Go buy some actual food at a grocery store. 5. Fry to a desired state of doneness.


She clicked her ruby red slippers, and said "There's no prace rike home." But just ended up looking more stupid.


The Nippon Ham Fighters prepare for battle.


Yessss! I got the wig.


Here we see exactly how much Angelina has to give in trade for each third world adoption.


Man, the Communist Party will go after any age these days.


In order to win the costume contest, each child had to include pictures of every material that went into it as well as how many minutes the parents spent designing the piece of shit.


The community waited with bated breath. Who would be the register member of the site who could turn this craption into some Lord Of The Rings reference?


The girl holding up the placard for Round 6 made me feel even more uncomfortable.


The jap-fro-asian community remembers the dark days for bamboo harvesting.

Glenn Thompson

Japanese Halloween costumes traditionally illustrate both what the kids want to be treated with and what their trick will entail. In the first example, it's crack or she'll slit your throat.


Just another example of Japanese culture at work.

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