Craptions Classics November 12, 2007

The student protesters soon discovered that water cannons and riot shields trump peer-reviewed science and posterboard 99.98% of the time.


Other Craptions

The impact of their peer-reviewed scone recipes was felt around the world.


The least dramatic use of an ellipsis to date.


When their military leader told them to better defend themselves by putting minorities in the front lines, he had something else in mind.


The least dramatic use of an ellipsis to date.


mattell wanted to give a life sized version of "guess who?" a try.


Rent 2: Electric Boogaloo went straight to video.


You can believe their pacifist sign all you want, but the reality is they had more firearms than a Quentin Tarantino film.


When the class war broke out, it was pretty obvious that the starving artist hippie types hadn't done a very good job in preparing for battle. At least they had spirit...


Everbody turned up at the protest march against everybody else


So then they're not really armed. Alright boys no guns, only tasers.


How to keep the far right wing from climbing hills and mountains.


Some students believe too firmly in the pen is mightier than the sword; having prepared only well-articulated stern notes of disapproval instead of an army...


It took them a while, but when the protestors finally admitted they were lost and had to trade their posters for cab fare, they learned the true meaning of 'facelift'


Alternate Universe #312,805. After they successfully rid the world of Jews, the Nazi party widens their base of hate to include more racism, sexism, and coming soon....OLDISM!!!

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