Craptions Classics November 10, 2007

The new team of Hitler Youth mimes somehow seems to miss the spirit of the original.

Ryan Oskroba

Other Craptions

"Crap...I forgot to shave my pits...okay, just play it cool, and they won't even notice..."


Despite playing in much smaller venues these days, Oasis still manages to draw an enthusiastic audience from its core fans.


"Go greased lightning you're burning up the quarter mile." "Greased lightning, go greased lightning!"

Horton The Elephant

Whenever the Argentinian Gay Men's Choir broke out with an Evita song, Pablo (far right) couldn't stop the urge to let out his 'little pedro' and cry "ROCK OUT WITH YO COCK OUT!"


The rapist guard stood behind the young rebel, ready to pounce. Heil to the Pope on command, bitch.


The "YMCA" is not easily learned by other cultures.


What the hell man? I'm jewish!


the guy on the right decided that the best way to protest this unprovoked display of antisemitism was to let his balls hang out.


As the crowd pointed and cheered at the realisation that they were on the big screen, Frederick quickly recovered from his "dakking" and managed to avoid an awkward situation.


Sorry folks, the Mick-Jagger lips festival has been cancelled.

Glenn Thompson

"Now eextend your middle finger!" "Is this it? Am I doing it right, Armand?"


anyone notice the guy fiddling with his cock?


As part of their integration into the European Union, Polish citizens receive public lessons on such cultural habits as flipping the bird. Few got it right, and Walodya rolled a critical fail.

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