Craptions Classics November 07, 2007

Old people are often reluctant to be released back into the wild.


Other Craptions

Next on 'Where Are They Now?' Colonel Klink.


Guess which bag they're going to drop for lift.


Rose attempted "Around the block in 80 days". She never made it out of the backyard.


Hiding out in a giant Easter basket, Florence was finally going to give that damn bunny what was coming to him.


It's safe to say that Grandma is eccentric.

j mcfarl3

Unfortunately, all the money was spent on the time machine's anti-matter engines, thus leaving the engineers to hire one of their grandmothers to fashion a wickerbasket hull.


Tiny woman found in picnic hamper.


"George, let's light this candle!" And just like that the world record in the human slingshot belonged to Mildred.


A tiskit a taskit my ass.


The day German scientists unleashed Dr. Ruth unto the world, is a day which will life in infamy.....


some suffer from post war trauma differently than others


If Mrs. Kranden comes out of her basket and sees her shadow, it means we are in for another 3 weeks of fall.

Glenn Thompson

After 80 years of aimless wandering, Mertyl Johnson finally emerges from the world's first McDonald's Playland


That Evil Kneivil thinks he's such hot stuff! Wait til he sees THIS!

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