Craptions Classics November 06, 2007

Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?


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Next on ABC... Extreme Jenga.


It was then that they discovered the women on the edge of the buidling were statues.


"Alright, Men! Just a few more feet and we can get our frisbee back."


Next on Queer eye for the straight guy...Siege towers!


Is he moving? No? Well fuck him, he knew the risks. It'll be worse if we don't finish this statue of Brangelina in time, so quit gawking and get back to work.


Preparations began for the multi-story bukakke/hot carl combo. Your mom eagerly crouched below.

j mcfarl3

Sure their structure didn't have fancy windows or statues but it was their home and they loved it!!


Uh, guys? You're going to hate us, but we probably should have built the scaffolding closer to the house. It looks great, though.


This time, the Village People bit off more than they could chew.


Jenga is more fun with lives on the line.


Frank and Jim are alike. For example, they both get turned on by shirtless dudes. They also both cope with embarassing erections the same way: by casually leaning forward while holding down a plank.

Glenn Thompson

and finally we have found a way to make it actually rain men


pointless towers don't make themselves


Peeping Toms hard at work.

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