Craptions Classics November 02, 2007

When she awoke, the mice were gone, Cinderella was dead, and the bottle of Jack Daniel's was empty. "My God," the Fairy Godmother said, "What did I do last night?"


Other Craptions

After having promiscuous sex with so many partners Becky's genital warts had spread to her entire body.


Previously on Lost...


Winner of the annual contest "Most Creative Use of Humanitarian Aid Donations"


Gallagher's wet dream.


Donning his costume for Halloween, Tony realized his fatal error when his back snapped under the weight of four hundred pumpkins.


Meril had had it up to HERE with the hippies protesting on her estate. They had freed the guard dogs, they had stolen her tomatoes, and they had mixed up her hillside messages. Now she had a weapon that had a reason to fight.


Kill all vegans!!!


and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Matt Gallagher

farm community. Text limits suck.


In what many historians would look back on as the most morbidly hilarious and ironic scientific blunder in history, years of genetically engineering fruits and vegetables goes awry as the food forms a single collective entity and devours an entire fa


Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood dragon. Wanna see me do a trick?


In Russia, pumpkin eats you!


{Ctd} and tried to throw a blanket over the giant vegetable Dragon in his garden.

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