Craptions Classics October 29, 2007

"Sorry folks, the Neverland Ranch is closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya."


Other Craptions

When she arrived at the 'Austin Powers: Goldmember' auditions, Beyonce scanned her competition in the crowd and knew she had the part of Foxy Cleopatra in the bag.


The unexpected success of Police Academy 8 resulted in a traveling musical show, and, later, a touring ice dancing show. The Dancing Winslows were always the finale.


It's a little known fact that when you clone someone, they will quickly meet up with their clones and form a dance group. It's just one of the rules.


And here we see the Umpa Lumpa Dance Team, Sassy Hands and the Creep-out Crew.


French sanitation workers take pride in their sense of style. Americans just wouldn't understand.


I've never been so proud of my children.

j mcfarl3

Coming this summer: Elite Beat Agents; the musical


We told you it would come to this... Well, you should have known it would come to this... Well, okay, but it was fucking IMPLIED that it would come to this.


The only heterosexual in the troupe, Stuart subtly pointed towards his bathing suit area as to accentuate his masculinity.


After a light breakfast, San Francisco Police Department trainees practice the proper technique for slapping a disorderly homo.


Suddenly, Jeff's glove engaged warp drive!


STOP!! in the name of love!!!


guy with wig:"Hold steady men, together our magic is strong." passer by:"Fags!"

Scotty Jamoka

Somehow, the all-gay tribute to reservoir dogs just wasn't the same

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